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E-Series pan / tilt units feature programmable ranges of motion with real-time enhanced control of position, velocity, and acceleration along with integrated Ethernet and an IP command interface. The new E-Series 32-bit microcontroller enables higher command rates, improved acceleration, and lower latency and jitter than previous models. All E-Series pan / tilt units are protocol/command set compatible with existing FLIR Motion Control Systems pan/tilt models and allow for a smooth migration for existing applications.

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PTU-D48 E-Series
The compact PTU-D48 E-Series pan/tilt accurately positions camera, laser, antenna or other payloads to 15 pounds with pan speeds up to 100° per second. The D48 E offers a slip-ring for 360-continuous pan and a variety of bracketing options.

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PTU-D100 E-Series
The fully-weatherized, vibration-tolerant PTU-D100 E-Series pan/tilt positions fixed and mobile outdoor payloads up to 25 pounds with speed and precision.

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PTU-D300 E-Series
The PTU-D300 E-Series pan/tilt delivers improved speed, torque, acceleration, making it an ideal choice for advanced applications that carry multiple payloads of up to 70 pounds.

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Security & Surveillance
Pan / Tilt Systems for Security
Harbors, ports, borders, thermal imaging
Pan / Tilt Systems for Military
Force protection, vehicle camera systems, special operators, airborne
Remote Sensing
 Pan / Tilt Systems for Science
Scientific intruments, Gas detection, Lidar, Hyper-spectral imaging
 Pan / Tilt Systems for Unmanned Vehicles
Unmanned ground vehicles, USV, UAV
 Pan / Tilt Systems for Maritime
Ship-board cameras, antenna systems, harbor patrol, search and rescue
 Pan / Tilt Systems for antenna pointing
Automated antenna pointing, teactical, communications, SATCOM
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Pan / Tilt Systems
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